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Holzman’s book offers one of the best and most detailed explications of the “conventional wisdom” of planning, financing, recording, producing, marketing and distributing your own discs. His Guide is more thorough than many similar publications on the market at the moment... Holzman includes brief but valuable suggestions about websites, on-line retailing, e-mail marketing, and downloadable music. The bulk of his Guide, however, deals with the more mundane but tremendously important legal and business savvy required to really make a go of it on your own... For anyone considering taking the plunge into CD commerce, investing in Holzman’s Guide will be money well spent.

—John Michel, American Composers Forum Sounding Board

The Complete Guide to Starting a Record Company advises you on writing your business plan, retaining lawyers and accountants, constructing budgets, finding and signing artists, and marketing and distributing your product. It explains staffing, licensing, pressing, printing, packaging, royalties, and promotion. This book provides the insight you need to understand the workings of any sized record label, and it’s a bonanza of practical guidance for anyone attempting the D.I.Y. approach to record distribution.

—Gino Robair, Senior Editor, Electronic Musician

I recently purchased The Complete Guide to Starting a Record Label...and I have to say I was more than impressed with what I discovered, very insightful and full of advice that I have highlighted and now implement and use as my own ;-) So I thank you!

—Glenn Lovell, In With the Out Crowd Records, Southampton, UK

I have had a chance to look over your book and am impressed by it. It is a significant accomplishment. Its depth will make it hard to use as a regular text for my undergraduates, but I will certainly use it as a reference for them, and expect that several students will want to buy a copy.

—Jeffrey Johnson, University of Bridgeport (CT)

I am have just finished your book and will begin to read it over again as I slowly start my record label. I am an American living in Europe and will be forming my label here. Would you know of a book that is similar to your publication that is in English that talks more about European markets and organizations?
Thanks again for such a great and amazingly helpful book.

—Shelbric A. Fuller (DJ Arrington Essex), Cologne, Germany

The Complete Guide to Starting a Record Company ROCKS! Thanks a million for penning this most helpful book. I'm gaining so much knowledge.

—Tom Lentini, Los Angeles, CA

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